Who May Become a Member

Any school employee of Cassville, Diamond, East Newton, Exeter, McDonald County, Monett, Pierce City, Purdy, Seneca, Westview, Wheaton, and Crowder College.  We have opened our field of membership to include the schools in Jasper, Lawrence , and Barry counties, also. Board members of these schools,  and the immediate family members to include spouse, children, stepchildren, and grandchildren of eligible members may also be members.

How to Become a Member

A $1.00 non-returnable fee plus a minimum deposit of $25 in your share/savings account makes you a full member. You may deposit to your share/savings account through payroll deductions if desired, or by mailing deposits to our office. A membership card and a picture ID must be on file before an account can be opened. Feel free to contact us to have one sent to you.

Ownership of the Credit Union

By becoming a member of the credit union, you become an owner. This gives you one vote at the annual meeting. It also means that any profit of the credit union is shared with you through dividends.


Dividends are declared by the credit union board based upon the earnings of the credit union at the end of a quarter. The dividend rate will be raised or lowered according to profitability.


The National Credit Union Administration covers each account up to $250,000 in case of failure of the credit union.


The loan process should take no longer than one week.

Our lending policy may be found in our Policy Manual.

A credit application must be completed before any loan may be considered. You may file online now.

Withdrawal of Shares/Savings

Shares/savings on deposit are available at the time of request. The president of the credit union will write a check immediately to be mailed or picked up by the member.